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Minna Lehtola

Helsinki, Finland
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I am a Helsinki based amateur photographer and a member of MuuValo group of  photographers. I find my subjects both near and far and I love seeing the world through the viewfinder. I am constantly surprised by the play of light and time in a camera resulting in a photograph. For me, camera enhances the act of looking by focusing the eye and mind.


Vaarin verstaalla / Grandpa's Cellar is the first part of a personal project, a trilogy of photo series located in the small town of Karkkila. Grandpa's Cellar consists of lightpainted photographs of old carpenter's tools and the objects and surfaces of my grandpa's cellar workshop. The series has been presented in two joint exhibitions in Helsinki (OmaValo April 2016 and September 2016) , in a solo exhibition in Karkkila (Vaarin verstaalla, January 2017) and a joint exhibition Tiloja / Spacesin & Vaarin verstaalla at Laterna Magica Gallery, Helsinki (May 2017).

Yötalo / NightHouse is the second part of the Karkkila trilogy. NightHouse consists of twelve black and white images shot in one long exposure which combine projected album images and new photographs made for the series with ambient light. The series explores memories housed in the rooms and how the encounters with the projected images give birth to new interpretations and new memories. The last part of the trilogy is under way.

Part of the Night House series was exhibited in a joint exhibition KERROKSIA 19.11-2.12.2018 at Espoo Culture Centre (see pictures from the opening night) and 2-29.4.2019 at Helsinki Music Centre (see pictures from the exhibition). The Central Association of Finnish Photographic Organizations, Finnfoto gave a scholarship to the joint exhibition. The Night House series will be on show as a solo exhibition at the Ostrobothnian Photography Centre (POVA) 2.-26.10.2019.

Explorations highlights my photointerests in different ongoing projects and series.

I have also participated in two joint exhibitions by the VALOTILA group: Väreilyä (May 2018) and Valotila (November 2018).

If you have any questions or comments about my work or would like to collaborate with me please feel free to contact me. I hope you have enjoyed my photos, welcome back!

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